Wednesday, October 24, 2007

finally, my profile is complete

So, those who have been with me since I started this blog may be wondering if my life is really filled with stained glass and bandages. well, my house has many windows where my glass hangs, even if I did not do anything more than look at my completed projects for the last several months. But now my house is missing four, for as of today and until at least the 5th of November they will be hanging in the storefront of the Ambler Flower Shop. Stores in downtown Ambler, PA have opened their shops up for local artists. M's mosaics are in a shop called Mojave Moon. M is just off a successful craft fair event and is on her way to setting up a business. I joke all afternoon about being a hobbyist.

This is my first attempt at selling my work. I have been drawing doodles and designs for my entire life, possibly there were some done in the womb. I have only been designing stained glass for a couple years. Plenty have been given away to friends and family.

The man in the shop says if they don't sell during Ambler's festival, that he thinks he can sell them and we can set up some kind of consignment deal. Am I on my way to be a craftsmen?

Tonight I go into my studio. I cut half the pieces for a suncatcher and grind them into shape. No blood, so no bandages.

Yes, my life is filled with stained glass. Now what about that quilt project?


  1. Horticulture, stained-glass, and next quilts. But, then, if your skills continue to shine as they do,why not quilts? Good-looking accomplishments, sir; and, by the way, I had my own first experience blending horticulture with Spec-Ed the other day. I was working with a Fifth Grade girl, pressing into the initial colonization of this country. As my supervisor says: "the big picture, Jim; just the big picture". We talked of the first attempt not surviving and how the second learned to grow tobacco; then I went back to quiz her a bit to see if any of it had stayed with her. When she couldn't think of the cash crop that saved Jamestown, I put my two fingers to my lips, inhaled, and blew out the "smoke" to give her a hint. "I know!" she cried; "Pot!"

  2. Jim-- the quilt top was finished the year the project started, then I got bogged down trying to expand it ot fit the bed, and then I started stained glass projects.


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