Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pilgrimage to St Bonaventure's tribute to Mosaic Woman's inspiration

Fire trucks still lined the street at the time we had planned to leave, but their presence all night had been so appreciated that we adjusted our plans without any annoyance. We would go when we could go. The sun coming up showed more damage to the homes. We watched as people in the three homes, which survived without severe damage, were allowed into their homes... long enough to emerge with a bag. Slowly the fire trucks left the scene and as we packed the car, the crew came to board up the houses.
Maybe the trip should have been cancelled, but we went, but not for the brunch we didn't get to, or the bed and breakfast that dazzled us, or the maple donuts at Tim Horton's, or the glass in Corning, or the pie at Bingham's. No we went because... where does this story start.
14 years ago we were preparing to leave Dunmore, PA and a nun, who had introduced Mosaic Woman to the spirituality of Ignatius, told MW to be aware of a place in Wernersville, PA. When Mosaic Woman went there, she saw this...
and this

and one day she knew that she would make mosaics.
and she did.

And one day in a previous blog she wrote about Hildreth Meiere who designed the mosaics at the Jesuit Center in Wernersville. A relative of Hildreth would read that blog post and would eventually buy one of MW's mosaics. Many months ago he sent an e-mail telling MW about this:
so we looked for an opportunity and finally the time was right, and with almost no sleep we drove to Olean, NY, home of St Bonaventure University and walked into the Regina A Quick Center for the Arts.



  1. I was delighted to come across your blog and see that you made the trip to St. Bonaventure to see my grandmother's exhibit.

    You also mention Wernersville that I recently just went to see. I took photos for the www.hildrethmeiere.com website.

    One can see a list of her commissions by state: http://www.hildrethmeiere.com/ComissionsByState.html. You will see that there are three other locations in PA.

    I do want to make a correction where you mention "(see his tribute to his aunt)". Keith is a cousin from the Meiere side of the family.

    Thanking for sharing your story even though it had a rocky start.

  2. thanks Hilly. I just included the link in a new post on my blog.

  3. Hi MW,

    Glad to see you were able to visit the Hildreth Meiere exhibit! I was really amazed at what I saw there and I think about my visit often.
    Keith Meiere


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