Thursday, September 26, 2013

With All Due Respect to Robert Indiana's Design, Our Take on Love

Original Lettering design by Robert Indiana
Adaptation and Letters by Wayne Stratz
Peachy background by Margaret Almon

Friday, September 20, 2013

Beauty in the Garden 1 - removing the weeds

I have gardened eight straight days and 16 of the last 18. Much of that time was spent removing weeds. Mostly from the backyard and from the dreaded brick patio and path leading to the garage. I am not done, but I enjoy weeding. Being on my hands and knees removing what I don't desire. The truth is, I will never be done. Gardening is about perseverance. Any of the world's great gardens, would not be so great without perseverance.

In the spring of 2008, I was coming off my best year of gardening. 2007 was a year of persevering. What happened? This and that. A new hobby turning into a new business turning into a true passion for glass.

But I like to weed. To be close to the garden. To watch bees being fed. To sit on the porch and take a break. To say hello to my two closest neighbors an to many more who walk past my house.

There are times I have wondered why I removed all the grass. The answer is beauty. This week my commute to work has started by being greeted by goldfinches feasting upon coneflower seeds in my front yard.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Looking Up 2 ~> remembering what I brought forth from the silent retreat at the Jesuit Center

looking up at trees sun and clouds
Jesuit Center Wernersville, PA
Saturday at Holy Trinity I reach my seat after communion having asked God to renew and cleanse me as I often do when I reach out for the bread and the wine. But since I came back from the silent retreat I count to seven on my fingers, hoping to remember the desires I shared with God.

Hope in all things
Love in my home
Grace with my friends
Jazz in my church
Joy in my classroom
Awe in my studio
Beauty in my garden


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Looking up at the Jesuit Center, seeing hawks

Hawk on UCC steeple Wernersville, PA
by Wayne Stratz
 One night in the midst of silence, I noticed a hawk on the highest point of the Jesuit Center. I wondered when crows would chase it away. I walked about. An hour or more later it was still there, which delighted me but also made me wonder if it was real, so I ventured closer till I saw its head turn. I guess it was enjoying the view.

The next evening I ventured out and happened to look up at the UCC church adjacent to the Jesuit Center. And there was a hawk at the highest point.

Hawk on UCC steeple Wernersville, PA
by Wayne Stratz
At no point in time did I see a hawk when I looked up at these two perches in the following days. But looking up is a good habit. There is much to be seen other than hawks.

Hawk on UCC steeple Wernersville, PA
by Wayne Stratz