Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Horticulture Update: 5.13.14 Spring Blooms

Daffodil Bud exuding yellow
Azalea Blooms
Redbud blooming on tree planted by a student


One of my favorite tulips


Blue bells never fail to surprise me as the plants arise from under a Dogwood surrounded by azaleas



Saturday, May 10, 2014

The A to Z challenge: moving on and returning to N

The other night I took the 26 cards and moved on

  1. I got the 26 randomly chosen names from my work phone extension list and sent out a rambling email to those I were going to gift the cards to the next day. The hope was to explain the project.
  2. I realized I had placed "N" by two names, but had only drawn one card. So make that 27 names.
  3. I placed the cards into the mailboxes at work.
  4. I answered questions by those puzzled by the rambling email.
  5. Realized one person chosen was a student teacher who is no longer at the school.
  6. Told the second "N" that I had messed up.

If you have followed this, you may remember I had been shocked to find that I had no jazz when I got to the letter, N. So last night I once again listened to the Lewis Nash CD I bought for the A to Z challenge. And here is the doodle:


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Doodling to jazz, an A To Z Challenge: Z is for Miguel Zenon

Miguel Zenón was new to us when we entered the Episcopal church a few Rochester Jazz Festivals ago. Sad to say it took getting to Z in this A to Z challenge to buy some of his music. 26 letters. Most with many choices, but a few got some new jazz into my life.