Thursday, June 5, 2008

after the deluge

First period came today with a student asking for some fresh air and to see nature. I hand the remote to a student, tell all including my assistant that they will now learn about birds, and grab my camera...

... which I had not taken to the school for a while. at home I discover the flies (click it to see them) on the iris and choose 13 in all to highlight at flickr.

two hours later I climb the hill from the garden and find a student missing. anger builds.

But... the last two nights while doing my examen I have written about the sadness around this student. I ask him to stay as the rest leave for lunch. He moans about his birthday blues. I agree that it is sad.

Then I tell him I too am sad. I am sad that after years of being my best worker he has sunk way down the list. I am sad that he will likely not be back in horticulture and that we are ending with me being angry. I say you wanted out, you stayed, but only half-hearted. I tell him that my desire is to not let these last few months ruin how I feel about him.

He thanks me for the talk.

tonight as I examen my day, I am glad for these two students. And glad for the blessing of controlling my anger which can be terse, oh so very terse.


  1. Your honesty was such a gift to him.

  2. What a call God has on your life, Wayne. The job has its moments, doesn't it? The one little boy in our room last year was like a jack-in-the-box, spring-loaded and you never knew which way he was going to go. No matter how much mischief he'd get into, though, he'd look up at you afterwards with eyes that would melt your heart and you just thanked God for for the privilege of being there....

  3. You have a demanding job...the photos are great, though!

  4. all-- The next day he came to me in a moment of need. and I helped him out... I am a sucker or a good guy or some combo.


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