Monday, September 16, 2013

Looking Up 2 ~> remembering what I brought forth from the silent retreat at the Jesuit Center

looking up at trees sun and clouds
Jesuit Center Wernersville, PA
Saturday at Holy Trinity I reach my seat after communion having asked God to renew and cleanse me as I often do when I reach out for the bread and the wine. But since I came back from the silent retreat I count to seven on my fingers, hoping to remember the desires I shared with God.

Hope in all things
Love in my home
Grace with my friends
Jazz in my church
Joy in my classroom
Awe in my studio
Beauty in my garden



  1. i think that i shall go outside and look up...

  2. A litany of desire...and consolations! And a beautiful picture...

  3. Lovely poetic wishes. Thanks for sharing them. Heaps of blessings on you and Margaret and your inspirational studio!

  4. Those wishes sound wonderful...the basics of inspiration and happiness.


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