Monday, February 17, 2014

How to make lavender hot chocolate or cocoa on Valentines and beyond. Tips and Recipe

Marshmallows from the Alice Bakery
floating in my lavender hot chocolate

photo by Wayne Stratz


  • grow your own lavender, if done by seed, they germinate well in a moist paper towel placed inside a plastic bag.
  • dry lavender during the explosion of blooms in spring time... twist tie in small bunches and hang with blooms hanging down
  • feel free to forget about that dried lavender, when you discover it it in several months it will be cold and it will be a fine time for hot cocoa
  • be inspired by things you have never tried. I have placed lavender in lemon pound cakes and rice pilafs. I think I first ate lavender in a dark chocolate bar made by Dagoba. It also had blueberries in it. 
  • experiment.
  • use what you got, but I got to say having this in the house may have inspired the idea of making lavender hot chocolate.

chocolate alchemists
photo by Wayne Stratz

Recipe (for two servings)

  1. use fingers to crush a teaspoon of dried lavender and place into a tea sock thingee
  2. place two heaping tablespoons of cacao (cocoa) powder and two unheaping tablespoons of sugar in a small pot
  3. place a quater cup of water in pot 
  4. add heat to create a syrup
  5. add two heaping cups of milk into pot. 
  6. add tea sock thingee
  7. heat slowly
  8. heat slowly
  9. pour into two of you favorite mugs
  10. add marshmallows for your Valentine if she/he desires

hand crafted mugs by Pam Cummings
photo by Wayne Stratz


  1. I love the hand thrown mugs! Thanks for the inspiration, Wayne :-)

  2. I love lavender but have never considered having it in hot chocolate. What a concept!

  3. That sounds delicious. I have been wanting to try using lavender in cooking/baking.

  4. Lavender is supposed to be really good for your health! I will plan to try that recipe's still cold enough. :)


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