Saturday, January 10, 2009

quilts and drafting tables, my youth carries onward

In my classroom I am likely to say "onward" when the present moment has taken us too far away from where I would like it to be. I say it often because I do let things flow at times to see where it will head. A technique that works much better than trying to control the class constantly.
So maybe onward is a bit like my lately favored term, "unfolding." And no matter which way you look at it my life it is moving on but still attached strongly to the past.
A grandma who quilted, a father who drafted, and a young boy who doodled. Two posts back, I showed a stained glass design for a friend and hinted that she did something huge. this is it...

She did not piece this thing together. I did. You see I was going to become a quilter (well I guess I did and I am one) and took a class. A quilt top was completed and all that was needed to quilt it, was purchased. I imagined designing my own quilts. Then I took a class in stained glass and maybe that was the wrong path or the right path... but it was the path I have taken (for now). The quilt top was put in a dresser drawer, the supplies in my studio closet. Than I told my friend, who is a quilter, about it. This most likely happened inside my church and if I remember I was chastised with no mercy. Probably not, but it felt that way. Eventually she got the top and the supplies... and spent quite a bit of time completing what now drapes over my couch.

so there are 99 pieces of glass on a piece of homosote waiting to be foiled and soldered, and then framed and delivered. 



  1. The quilt is stunning. I really like the design. You're still a quilter, you just do it with glass now.

    I may have to appropriate your onward phrase. Love it!

  2. Gannet Girl and Kathryn --- thanks. It may have been the first and last sewing project for this guy????

  3. Great looking quilt! Hope you'll let us see the finished stained-glass project. Looks like fun.


  4. I can't wait....! The piece held up to the light is stunning!


    I believe the quilt top you pieced proves that you are an matter what medium in which you choose to express yourself........

  5. PS. No, I was not merciless.... Once you showed it to me, I could not imagine it being stowed away.... As a first quilt, it is beautiful and needed to be seen and used and enjoyed! A piece of art I hope you are quite proud of....

  6. That is gorgeous, and I love the idea of a "quilt" in stained glass.

  7. Mich--- how could I not show it now. that would be just plain rude.

    Giggles--- wait you must.

    Zorra--- I hope to do more quilt inspired glass pieces (I did do some in the past)

  8. You leave me speachless with all the talents you possess....

  9. Beautiful! Quilts and glass. I love the geometric patterns like bearpaw, they make me feel aligned, somehow.

  10. Jim--- you never know, it all might be a deception... ;')

    Ruth--- I am so glad to have finally gotten you aligned! Having the quilt complete has gotten me back to doing straight edged designs... maybe I can help you stay there.

  11. Thank you for sending me the link to this. It's gorgeous! I think quilting and stained glass are linked. I've been wanting to do a stained glass quilt for years now!

    I think you've inspired me to get back to my quilt. Now that the cast is off... after Ride the Rockies, I think...

    1. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. Enjoy the Rockies


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