Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Night Quilts: Myra A Nevius Jazz Night at The Apollo

Quilter Myra A Nevius Jazz Night at The Apollo

And more...

Quilter Myra A Nevius Jazz Night at The Apollo






Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Year of Birds starts with a Blue Jay

Blue Jay stained glass mosaic designed and created by Wayne Stratz

In the midst of 2014 a few things came together to inspire me to focus on my passion for birds in 2015.

  1. On my silent retreat I read a book of essays on birds.
  2. I finally bought a bird feeder.
  3. I ended the year with making a white-breasted nuthatch
White-breasted nuthatch stained glass suncatcher designed and created by Wayne Stratz

So I hope to be productive in the studio. The Blue Jay returned. The Goldfinch design needs to be grouted; and a brand new celebration of female cardinals has been designed.

And I hope to see 100 species by graduation.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The final in this series of poetry at my feet -- On The Anniversary of My Death by W. s. Merwin



And so it ends...


For the Anniversary of My Death

Every year without knowing it I have passed the day

When the last fires will wave to me

And the silence will set out

Tireless traveler

Like the beam of a lightless star

Then I will no longer

Find myself in life as in a strange garment

Surprised at the earth

And the love of one woman

And the shamelessness of men

As today writing after three days of rain

Hearing the wren sing and the falling cease

And bowing not knowing to what



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Poetic Feet Selfie 6 ~~~> Biopsy by Patricia Roth Schwartz

Not sure of all the bricks to catch my eye, why this one did, but it did. It took me to a poem where I was reminded that after news arrives, life can be familiar. Seeing the sun always helps as well.


After three leaden turns on no-sun, it comes;
one call splits the rest of your life off
from the whole like a calf from a glacier. Even
so the kitchen's full of light and the scent
of vanilla and apple. The dog's dancing at
the door ahead of her walk down the neighboring
road where she's got a friend, another dog whose
name you don't know. Along the ditch at the cornfield's
sere edge, where silver-bellied birds gorge on fallen
stalks, you watch the two of them mock/ growl, leap,
play/ fight, frolic, as if there were no before or after.

By Patricia Roth Schwartz


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Poetic Feet Selfie 5 ~~~> The Angels of the Radiators by A. Poulin Jr.

The Angels of Radiators

Every night when my wife
and daughter are asleep
and I'm alone in this old house
lost in landscapes somewhere
between the points of stars,
my furnace fails like heaven.

The water that will turn
to steam and turn to heat
and rise as grace runs out.
In unlighted corners, angles
opening to blank space,
radiators, cold and white,
are silent and dead angels,
incarnate where they fell.

Every night, every winter,
I have to go down cellar,
turn the valve until the gauge
is full of water once again,
until the furnace starts
to rumble with its resurrection.
Then the house begins to move,
and through the winter night
that threatens us like Hell, by God,
the pure spirit of the fire roars
blue, veins ring, and radiators,
a whole chorus of Dominions, sing
and dance wild alleluias warm as spring.

"The Angels of the Radiators" is from Selected Poems.

As seen on The Poet Walk, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Poetic feet selfie 4 ~~> For This Thanks a poem by Sam Abrams


Day four. Searching the words at my feet brought me a title. The entire poem had been read that day in Rochester.


For This Thanks **This poem are carved into a granite band.**

heaven on our earth
hopscotch chalked on the sidewalk
dance! dear goddess hop! skip!

By Sam Abrams



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