Tuesday, October 14, 2014

salvia morning; marigold afternoon. A day at work

Morning sun streaming though Salvia blooms at my school

The air was warm. The soil moist. The sun was low. This was the setting as I walked onto campus this morning. The salvia and yarrow in the garden area that surrounds our flag pole was teeming with life. I booted up my computer and went to photograph the moment.

As the day ended, I left my classroom and as I have for the past several months, I walked by a diverse gathering of marigolds. I sat on the sidewalk and caught that moment as well.

Marigolds in the afternoon. The work day was over.



Saturday, October 11, 2014

Making the best of the present moment

Strawflowers in one of my horticulture gardens

Photographs are a moment in time, but there are times when I feel my camera and my skills have failed that moment. In the past these photographs would be deleted, but now I play.

My toy is an app called Aviary. I often use it on even my best images to adjust the sharpness or brightness. But a less than favored photograph can be transformed into a new take on that moment in time. Just as my mind (at its best) can seek joy and hope in a failed moment, Aviary can do the same with a not to be deleted moment.



Monday, September 1, 2014

Labour Day~> a trio of UK Quilters: Alicia Merrett, Judith Wilson, and Ann Beech

Floating City - Daytime by Alicia Merrett of Wells, Somerset, UK

My fourth straight post honoring the labor of the amazing quilters that caught our eye at the Quilt Extravaganza last September in Oaks, PA. ending this run as I did the first night, with a trio.

On Green Pond by Judith Wilson of Wheathampstead, UK
Thunder Across the Beaches by Ann Beech of Daventry Northamptonshire, UK


Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Labor of Love: an international octet of quilters

Tulips by Yemina Lavan of Modlin, Israel

Day three of my Labor Day celebration of quilters in honor of my grandmother continues. Enjoy the trip around the world.

It Started As A Doodle by Roz Rossiter of the UK
Shattered Face Quilt by Kathryn Harmer Fox of South Africa
Taras Garden by Valerie Giles of Australia
Ferns within the Grids by Margie Davidson of Canada
Chinese Coins by Petra Niermann of Germany
Lucky 4-Leaf by Anne Jolly of New Zealand
A Stormy Night At Sea by Maria Nunez of USA


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Two Duets of quilts: design and classroom

Squared Illusion 6 by Gloria Hansen


Labor Day Celebration of the work of my grandmother continues. Two duets of quilts spoke to me. The first was all about circles cut through by straight lines.

Behind Bars by BJ Titus of Coatesville PA


The second duet had to do with themes from my classroom, science and horticulture.

My Last Nerve by Stacy Hurt of Orange CA
Dancing Kalanchoe by Carol Villars of Apple Valley CA


Friday, August 29, 2014

A trio of quilts: Gloria Loughman, Ellen McMillen, and Diane Doran


A Slice of Oz by Gloria Loughman from Australia

A Slice of Oz by Gloria Loughman caught my eyes for the fine combo of greens and violets.

Almost Amish by Ellen McMillen of Downingtown, PA
Almost Amish by Ellen McMillen of Downingtown, PA; caught my eye for the improvised take on the standard log cabin design.
Sunrise Serenade by Diane Doran of Glenelg, MD

Sunrise Serenade by Diane Doran of Glenelg, MD; caught these eyes for color, design, and perhaps the birds.









Wednesday, August 13, 2014


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