Monday, September 3, 2007

doodles from the retreat

Here is the first or second doodle I drew. I had brought my prismacolor pencils, which I had stopped doing a few years ago. Something new is happening here.

Here is the result of praying about the blessing of three administrators supporting me in my quest to get a masters in spirituality. Sophia in earth tones reaches out to them.

I imagine a gate to my heart cracking open and I can see Sophia. This one hung on my door for the rest of the retreat. Later when I felt cracked open, I had a moment of wondering why I would have asked for such a thing.

the card I sent Margaret, inspired by Cyrus Chestnut's "You Are My Sunshine." I sent it knowing the song would get stuck in her head, but wanting to know how I felt.

I imagine Sophia reaching toward me in the center of this doodle. Looks like daggers, maybe I hadn't gotten to that gentle stuff yet.

Sophia and I reach out to open the gate that keeps darkness inside of me and light out. Inspired by the thought of a cell dividing after sending out spindle fibers.

I am immersed by a gentle Sophia.

I imagine a gentle Sophia enveloping Margaret.


  1. I like the doodles, Wayne, but am yet having problems with Sophia. It is obvious, however, you are gifted in other ways than gardening...

  2. Thanks Jim.

    I went into it with a somewhat closed mind. Kind of a intellectual exercise to see how the other folk live, but not to live it. But God had other ideas. I am thinking of writing a paper on Wisdom/Sophia for a class I am taking. I am still a bit vague about what it is all about.

  3. Hey, out of curiosity, this retreat you went on in Wernersville, was it at some kind of Jesuit retreat house place?

  4. John- yes, it was at the Jesuit Center in wernersville PA.

  5. Aww, that's awesome! I went on a Kairos retreat there three years back in high school. Hands down, my time spent there was the best four days of my life.

  6. I like all of the doodles, but the first one really strikes me for some reason. It's so sweet yet dynamic at the same time.

  7. blackswamp girl- the first one is much smaller than all but one. It is card size while the others are on sheets op paper 8" x 10" or bigger. sweet and dynamic, I like that, thanks.


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