Sunday, June 15, 2008


on the last day of school, do you clean up a cluttered classroom, or cover the garden with floating row covers to protect plants from critters... large and small?

The half eaten potato plant makes that one easy.

When a storm rips though your area the night before a vacation you wonder how those row covers are doing. Did that sweat go for nothing? Sunday morning as you clean the cooler to fill with water bottles you imagine coming back to a garden that has filled a heard of deer. Do you go to the school?

As you drive into the school it appears that the row covers are intact, do you swear and speed out of the school or take a closer look?

You tack the row covers that have partially blown off back down and reinforce the others.

I once read that what makes a garden is perseverance, and I do believe that. Give up and nature reclaims the space soon enough. But why persevere?

I see it the same as a spiritual journey. It is the sticking with it when faced with daily doubts that leads to fruit.

Than there are other choices...

that is where I will be for a few nights as Mosaic Woman and I celebrate our 16th, possibly choosing the wrong concert, but if I persevere this may just be an amazing experience.


  1. Happy anniversary, and have a wonderful time.

  2. Happy anniversary! and all that jazz...

  3. Let me join the chorus!! Hope your time away has been fruitful (with you filling in the definition...!)

  4. all-- thanks we had a great time. Never experienced such a thing before and we surely had to be in different frame of mind than showing up for a concert.


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