Saturday, July 25, 2009

more than a mule at the Chase Center

Recently I posted a short note at facebook claiming to be a mule at the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Show happening in Delaware this weekend.
Truth be said, I am much more. Like, I am also the chauffeur.
My plan for the weekend was to make a low profile and get caught up on the journals sent out by the National Science Teachers Association. Maybe by going through the growing pile, which I have not examined, I could get some ideas for this coming school year.
Halfway to Delaware I remembered that I had wanted to bring them. Oh well.
So I did do some roaming about, but booth duty is tiring and we have always appreciated each other for being relief to each other. So off went Mosaic Woman.
So folk came into the booth and said, "You do good work."
and I said, "Yes I do, but I am the spouse of Mosaic Woman." Well, sometimes I said, "of the artist."
As the day ended, I had closed every sale that we had made. I got to admit I was a bit jealous of all the other folk selling their craft and we plan to see if we can do these big shows with both our craft in the future.
But, I have no problem talking up the mosaics and I am glad I was hoping for their sale and not concentrating on being bitter that my glass was at home. We are in this together and it is way cool when someone desires to own something produced in either of our second floor studios. We are Nutmeg Designs.



  1. I've already spoken of my favoring "random design" (Is that an oxymoron?), so should I just describe the upper-level piece as being "be-yoot-e-ful!"...

  2. feel free to say that. It is a wonderful mosaic which Margaret's mom commissioned.


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