Monday, December 21, 2009

The Fit Is Not Go

Over the weekend, we put away a few things, well many things. When it was over the chair of contemplation was once again available for my use. So I sat down. At my feet was a red basket. It contains my Bible, journal, and several books. I was looking for one when I found another, a book I had forgotten about.

It is a book of contemplations based on the church year. Joyce Rupp, the author starts with Advent, which starts with thoughts on waiting.

As Mosaic Woman and I wait for her test results, I prayed that my wandering brain could try to remember how hard that is for her.

Last night Joyce Rupp ends the second contemplation with these words...
"you are in my life. I will slow down so I can find you there."

She is speaking of God, but I thought of how it does not have to only apply to heavenly beings.

This morning before work I thought... this is the message I want the world to hear today. so I threw the world those words at Facebook and Twitter. Since then I have gotten a record number of responses at Facebook, but none about those words.

I want to know what Christmas tune was playing as I stopped at the red light. I can't remember. The light did turn green, witnesses agree with me and the other driver admits he didn't see the light... blinded by the rising sun. I remember a horn blaring. I think I remember the jolt and car spinning. A friend commuting to the same school as myself, stopped and took care of me. The first person to whom I spoke, a stranger who said he saw it, told me that he couldn't stick around. I understand.

"you are in my life. I will slow down so I can find you there."

I am getting to know an insurance agent. Maybe that is what this phrase is all about. Being kind to her as she struggled through all the claims that emerged on her desk on the Monday following a weekend snowstorm. She speaks with kindness to me. The process is far behind the pace I want it to be going. But if I slow down...

as for me... I am worried about being sore tomorrow, but as of now I feel fine. However, the Fit is clearly not Go, as the commercials love to say...


  1. Wow - that was a hard hit! How strange that the other day I saw a Fit like yours on a flatbed in our neighborhood - I wondered if you were OK...glad to hear that you (and the glass) are OK.

  2. ok, i've had ENOUGH -- on your behalf! having just chatted yesterday, i didn't figure i'd see anything new on the blog but clicked tonight out of habit. and i see this?!?

    you simply must get the hell out of this year and into 2010 as soon as possible. tell ya' what: we'll all grab our '09 calendars, bring them to your backyard on new years eve and, when midnight arrives, burn them to a crisp!

    doubling my prayers and thoughts for you and mosaic woman. i've been spending time with this one: psalm 71:1-3 :
    "In thee, Lord, do I take refuge . . . rescue me. Be Thou to me a rock of refuge. Forsake me not when my strength is spent."

  3. What I can't believe is that the glass is fine -- or maybe I can! Some things are tougher than they seem?

    In the midst of an unexpected, unelected slowing down here, I'm coming to understand a bit about the yeasty mixture that is of difficulty and of grace.

  4. Your quote reminds me of Isaiah 40:31..."They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint"....

    Looks like someone rear-ended you and, with the snow on the ground giving evidence of what just passed through your neighborhood, I "have a good picture" of what probably happened. Contemplation is a good place to find Him at the well, my friend. You both remain in my prayers....

  5. Sure hope you're feeling ;-)

  6. Following here and on FB. Hope you're not too sore today. Praying for you and MW as you wait.

  7. ALL--- just took a ton of emotions to God who clearly said... "it's only a car" so I used it as a mantra and did some meditation. felt fine physically today, but uncertainty about the process of getting it fixed got to me this evening.

  8. I hope all goes well with's an unsettling experience, to say the least. May you and your family have a quiet, uneventful Christmas!

  9. Kievas.... thanks. the guy at fault did finally call his insurance company so the process is flowing

  10. I am glad everyone is fine after this accident. Sometimes things happen to shake us up a bit but not meant to hurt us. They just mean to wake us up to everything we should be thankful for. Hoping things will be all better soon and you get another orange car! =)

  11. Lorena... it clearly woke me up to the fact that you dig orange cars.

    Been reading the book of Tobit this week, When his son Tobias has to go on a dangerous journey, an angel appears... we all need traveling angels

  12. So glad you got out of this relatively (physically) unscathed, but I imagine the experience will stay with you for a long time. My thoughts are with you!


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