Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 things I learned in four days of TV

In my last post I mentioned that I picked up a book. I had made it known that I had been wiped out to the point of watching TV this past weekend, a habit I had kicked for the most part. It took something like the Phillies playing in the World Series. A friend who knew I had been sucked into TV sent her husband to the rescue.

So there I was watching TV when the doorbell rang. I peered out a window and saw a friend standing there, so I opened my door. He handed me a biography of one of my favorite jazz musicians, then walked away wishing me good health and some time away from the TV.

but in four days I had learned some things.

  1. I still dig Jim Rockford
  2. I might have liked the A-Team had I given it a chance.
  3. I Spy has amazingly cool jazz playing in the background.
  4. There was a TV show called The Bold Ones.
  5. I still prefer NCAA Basketball over the professionals
  6. The jazz standard Peter Gunn was a theme song to Peter Gunn of course.
  7. I still have no desire, no matter how sick I may be at the time, to watch people shout Jerry as people attack each other on a stage.
  8. That Law and Order is still on the air. How cool is that.
  9. One can watch hours of TV without watching reality TV.
  10. I still cringe when skiers and bobsleds loose their equilibrium.
so an interest in what jazz musician could drive me away from all that...


  1. Wayne, reality TV is the ONLY thing worth watching on TV. Thats why you love me!

  2. Hopefully you are feeling better. I haven't been at the sick and watching TV for a while. I'm either in bed near-comatose or up and trying to get stuff done. It sounds fun thought - I am so completely out of touch!

  3. Staci--- clearly I was not in my right mind.

    Kathryn--- hopefully neither of us find ourselves sick watching TV for a long time.

  4. Wow, short little ditty but what a player! Thanks for that, Wayne.

    When my sister and I played in a duo in the clubs, we'd written a little instrumental that we'd called "The Loneliest Monk" which was both a nod of the head to Thelonious and poking fun at ourselves from pretending to be musicians, never mind jazz musicians. Maybe I coulda been a contender if I hadn't watched all that TV....


  5. Daisy... you still may be a contender

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