Monday, April 30, 2012

Mystical Mondays: On the Road to Compassion

Translations by Daniel Ladinsky

15 years or so ago I took a Myers Briggs test and scored low on most things.  I guess I tended to be on the fence in defining myself at the edges where I would have earned points.  My lowest score was in compassion, which if I recall correctly was a "zero." 

I was on the verge of entering the world of the mystics, who drew out maps on which my life has unfolded.  I think for the better...

Ask Anything

"Ask Anything,"

My Lord said to me.

And my mind and heart thought deeply
for a second,

then replied with just one word,


God's arms then opened up and I entered myself.
I entered Myself when I entered 

And having learned compassion I
allowed my soul

to stay.

Meister Eckhart


  1. together suffer.

  2. Be careful walking around in that world of mystics. There might be pitfalls where you least expect them. Still, the words are lovely to consider.

    1. Walk2write... will keep my eyes opened as I venture forth

  3. Once you've taken that step into the mystic world, your foot melts like gold in the furnace and you cannot turn back. Still, it's worth it.

    1. Christin--- I agree that it has been a ride quite worth the view, except it was my stoic heart that melted


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