Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jazz at Virago, what I wanted is about to happen

47  155/365  Cupackes!
cupcakes at Virago
Lansdale, PA
by Wayne Stratz

Tim Leslie has been bringing his drums, his friends, and his passion for jazz to Virago.  The first time I heard him I knew this ~ I wanted him to be playing on the night in June when Mosaic Woman and I hung out to celebrate our art being at Virago.  So now it is about to happen all because:  A friendly talented baker moves her bakery to downtown Lansdale and decides to celebrate art and music.

THIS FRIDAY (6/8/12) Music starts at 7:30 and goes till 10:00 and I plan to be there for the whole gig.

Here is a snippet from the first night we saw Tim...


  1. cupcake jazz art fusion

  2. Wish I could be there! That is fantastic, food, art, jazz, great people. You've got a slice of Heaven.

    1. Would be a hoot to have gathering of my blogger friends on Friday.

  3. hey thanks for stopping by--i loved this--one of my son's used to play the upright bass :)

    1. Lynn --- thanks to you too. The mother of the bassist ended up stopping by our booth the next day at the Lansdale Farmers Market. So I got to praise her son's talent.

  4. I am wagging in happiness for the Nutmeg Designs team.


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