Sunday, July 22, 2007

Why I like Cyrus

I like Cyrus Chestnut , but not just because he can play piano. Maybe it's his name that appeals to me. I know that can happen. But after reading the liner notes to "You Are My Sunshine," I think it may also be this:

Cyrus Chestnut says, "I have been told by many about my influences: jazz, gospel, classical, rhythm and blues, etc... and have been encouraged to make recordings addressing these idioms individually. I have never been interested in making repertory driven or stereotypical recordings- it has been my choice to take a different route."

Faith is important to Cyrus Chestnut. He doesn't hide it. The CD's I own reflect this. He is not an artist who occasionally does a gospel album. He can't separate love of God from love of jazz.

I have many interests and thought about having more than one blog. But I am one person who will try to blend them into one blog. Can I separate my stained glass designs from the fact that I have chosen a spot in church where I have a wonderful view of my favorite piece of glass? Is gardening just a pleasure or a constant reminder of blessings? And yes, gardening is also a constant reminder to persevere. But that is what living with faith seems like these days. Celebrate the blessings and keep going through the hard times.

Ten years ago when I was in my early mid thirties, I couldn't imagine writing any of this. I may have likely mocked the above. I was a fine humanist after all. But now it seems dishonest to come to blogging with several blogs and keep faith segregated to only one. Maybe that will happen, I'm not quite certain of the future these days.

Oh, yeah. Check out Cyrus Chestnut, he makes me happy.



  1. hi Wayne! thanks for stopping by my blog! The only "you are my sunshine" i know of this the one my dad made me sing when i was a kid. that cant be the same one you are referring to.

  2. all things are possible. the "You are my sunshine" that Cyrus plays is most likely the one your dad made you sing.


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