Thursday, August 2, 2007

coming back

On the train to Chris's Jazz Cafe in Philly, I think of coming back to life. New Zealand spinach will do that to you. After clearing a spot in the garden for pac choi, and weeding for a few weeks, I noticed an explosion of plants, and yes, I saw that the NZ spinach had come back to life. I would have to guess from seeds, but I am not certain. Lets say it is a mystery.

Henri Nouwen and a jazzed up version of a gospel tune on my I-Pod come together with the thoughts on resurrected plants. I have a ticket to live a life of joy with God, but I leave the train. The last two days at work felt like that and last night I looked down and saw a new ticket in my hand. It was there all the time, but I had to search it out. I made a cry for help filled with a desire to bring joy into my students' lives. Was today a success? Yes, even if it was not perfect. We had more fun in the garden and the kitchen.

so what is NZ spinach. Tetragonia is its genus. It reminds me of a weed, but it can be removed from an area so it can't be too invasive. It is well adapted to heat and has become a favorite summer cooking green for my colleagues at work and myself at home. My seed catalog tells me that Captain Cook brought it to Europe in the 1770's. They also say to be patient, that they take a long time germinate- to come back to life.

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