Sunday, February 3, 2008

hearts, up close and personal

Yes, getting close to one of our glass hearts can help one see things differently....


  1. I loved the work, but the photos themselves are works of art! The one of the heart on the slate (2nd from the top) would make an awesome card...

    Thank for sharing the gifts...

  2. Have not been to the computer in several days. Even now, school calls and I must jump and run. I'll definitely check that song out later. I like the words. I like wht you're doing with the glass, also, my friend. Sorry to hear about the storm brewing at work, but think you have the answer for surviving the waves. Peace.....

  3. Michelle-- Mosaic woman gets all the credit.... mosaic and photograph!!!

    Jim-- I am more at peace these days, hope you got to hear the song. Hiatt places his heart and soul into his music.

  4. A lot of message in Hiatt's song, Wayne. First time I've ever heard him. Interesting voice.....

  5. Jim-- glad you had a chance to listen to the man sing. you describe him well.


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