Friday, February 15, 2008

fasting and the screaming carrot-- thoughts on red meat

I'm a vegetarian at home, but when we eat out anything is open game. As I reflected on how to fast during Lent some previous seasons came to mind. I gave up news once, but the war that the press was building up still came to be and the headline was so huge I saw it while parked at a red light.

It has been a few years since I gave up red meat, so I went for it.

People tell me their reasons why they don't eat meat.... unhealthy, cruelty to animals, environmental problems. I believe these problems are true, but also that they come from our excesses, not from eating animals. I cry out in the Wilderness to live in a society that eats meat in moderation. Not at every meal, and maybe not even every day.

And as far as the right of the animal and discomfort of it being killed, well let me tell you, if I was a carrot I surely would scream if I was pulled out of the ground and eaten raw; and no matter what you tell me I can not believe it is considered a pleasant experience by the carrot. I have pulled carrots, cut peppers, and yanked lettuce plants. These could very easily be seen as violent acts, or just as butchering they can be done with gratitude to the life force that will nourish us.


I lasted two days. There I was eating pho in Telford, PA when I looked down at the slice of beef floating on my spoon and announced my failure to Mosaic Woman. She said, "Yes, the tradition of red meat Fridays continues." Two days later eating brunch at my church, I almost picked up some ham... sure sure it is the other white meat... I don't buy that.

So, only one slip in 10 days. I can live with that, especially since now I seem too be more aware with what I have chosen to be without this Lenten season.

Peace, Joy, and Hope.


  1. I'm glad to have a companion in this. I gave up meat -- red and otherwise -- for Lent this year. And it's harder than I expected...

  2. Then there's the old joke about the Catholic who is going nuts with his next door neighbor's ribs on the bbq every Friday. He begins talking with him, eventually converting him to Catholicism, only to smell the aroma of ribs again come Friday. Investigating, he finds the neighbor baptizing the meat in sauce and declaring even at the ritual was pronounce upon him: "You were born a cow and raised a cow, but are now a fish!"

  3. Michelle-- good luck... I will not post any images of meat.

    Jim-- I heard this from a Baptist minister Wednesday night..What is the difference between a Baptist and an Episcopalian? The Episcopalian will wave to you inside a liquor store.

  4. Thanks, Wayne. I have to say I contemplated the screaming carrots while making carrot soup! I've got a meeting in Texas in a couple of weeks, which I suspect will try my intention quite thoroughly!


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