Wednesday, April 29, 2009

best on black... preparing for the Chester County Craft Guild Spring show

At Flickr, some photographers will place a note, best on black. Click on their link and there is their photo with a black background. Usually they are right.
Mosaic Woman drapes our craft booth tables with black fabric while I get our lights set up. Then I take over one back corner for my stained glass, and she takes the rest for her mosaics. But a couple shows back, I thought... "maybe I should put some glass on the black fabric and encourage folk who seem interested to hold it up to the light." It worked and I made some sales.
With our last spring show coming up this weekend (May 2-3) over in Chester County, I decided to utilize that black fabric.
This week, I made three star flowers. Opalescent glass which is hard to show off at shows, however, on black it may look best...


  1. THe black might be good for sales, but I like when you show them here actually hanging in the light...

  2. Oh ! They look good!! I like your idea that worked...encourage folks to hold them up to the light... Get them to participate and touch and take ownership....

  3. All-- thanks.

    Jim-- these three would not photograph well in the light and not look much different if I had tried. Though with that said, held up to a bright light they glow kind of nicely.

  4. I think they're beautiful on the the black fabric. Good luck at the craft show!

  5. Kathryn-- Thanks. I have plenty of hope that this will be our best spring show of 2009.


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