Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rest, OK, I will

I am one to appreciate the sun rising with me these days, but when the world spun... I eventually decided to get more rest.

It was still a bit early when I rolled out of bed to take a walk down the hallway to the bathroom, so soon enough I was closing my eyes again. But that is when the world spun about. I sat up hoping things would settle but they wouldn't. I needed water but going down the steps seemed daunting, so Mosaic Woman came to my rescue.

24 hours walking about the big city was fun but exhausting, especially after the two weekends of craft shows and then this week trying to teach with a virus beating up my immune system. So when I drank more coffee than water, which is highly unusual, ... Dehydration is my diagnosis for what happened this morning.

My head is less foggy, but I am still exhausted. I skipped church and the day has passed by being a slug except for one journey out when I ran into the one person I needed to see at church. So now I have the recipe I need but I am also supposed to go out and identify a tree, which may or may not be a weeping dwarf fig tree (I know I keep mentioning fig trees with little explanation so only friends here in PA understand, sorry).

other possible diagnosis--- did I eat turkey somewhere some how?

or ... was the chocolate placed with our mail really poisonous as we joked last night? Since I have only touched the packages that one seems unlikely.

anyway, I am toast. So, yes, Lord, I will rest.


  1. eat the damn chocolate already - sugar will do you good

  2. You described that awful "world spinning when your sick" feeling all too well. I hope it passes soon!

    How is MW feeling or are you being invalids together? That's not an appropriate anniversary celebration.

  3. GG--- I spent the day napping and reading with two brief walks in the sunshine for food.

    Msklem--- such language from an Episcopalian Lady. we ate some. thanks.

    Kathryn--- I was already sick when she fell. We both are feeling better than were were, but plenty of jokes about being miserable together. and we are both tired of feeling bad. I hope she does not catch this cold.

  4. I spent a bleary whirling day this week, too -- may the internal weather for both of you soon reflect today beautiful spring weather!

  5. Drink, drink...drink!! (No, not beer!)

    Hope you're feeling better!


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