Wednesday, June 24, 2009

jazz and anti-lake effect rain patterns

Mosaic Woman and I looked at my work schedule and the Rochester Jazz festival schedule, and said no to jazz for this year. But as quantum physics explains the world, if you are the observer, you will observe different things, if you look again.
A friend in Rochester invites us to stay with her if we ever come to the festival. The schedule is observed again. This time a possibility is seen.
At which point did we see a festival schedule that became our vacation.
As I pack, I observe a forecast filled with great probability of rain. An hour or two later I see words written by my friend...
"Hopefully, it will do the reverse lake effect thing that it's been doing for over a month now and there will be little if any rain. I'll explain it when you're here."
On Wednesday, heavy rains hit our car as we drive to Rochester... at the same time my friend observes heavy radar on her computer screen. We park the car and soon observe a wet cat flee from a door step.
With Thursday night jazz schedule in one hand, I use an umbrella with the other. There are forces greater than the lake. We enjoy Friday's weather. Then it rains all day on Saturday. Saturday night for the festival the lake will send a long thin line of steady rain onto Rochester.
The lake says, "if you look, then it may rain, or maybe it won't." It did.

Mosaic Woman had come down with "Herman Flu" (the wet cat) and we were satisfied with the quantity and quality of jazz, so instead of going to see one more act we stop by to hear a couple more at the second set of Antonio Ciacca, who had amazed us earlier in the evening.

I put on my jacket and picked up my umbrella, then Antonio named the next tune. When an observer glances at his world, sometimes things look different. Six minutes later, we left the building.
This is how Antonio once recorded a jazz standard which delayed us heading back to our friend's house where a Cd playing by Stevie Ray Vaughn brought up some memories and I once again observed my past. It probably wasn't exactly the same, but I told stories anyway.
I am glad my friend had us take a second look at that schedule.


  1. I wish the weather would have been more cooperative. It hasn't rained since you left so I'm thinking that we have finally established root cause. ;)

  2. Kathryn--- hmmm, do you really think Margaret is to be blamed for all that rain???? We had a great time and are already plotting nice things to do for you and Rick when we return ;')

  3. I like your quantam physics bit of "theology?" and also enjoyed the musical link you provided. Maybe I need to turn to that cable jazz channel now and then....

  4. Jim--- Margaret gave me a book ... best spiritual writing of 2008... and the first essay was on quantum physics. Sooner or later I was bound to create at least on jazz lover.


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