Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our time with Ignatius came to an end

The crowd was a bit thin on Monday night when we finished off the contemplation that ends the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. I promised those who missed that I would pass on the final two points, which follows a pondering of how much God shares with us and pondering this statement, "Give me your love and your grace, for this is sufficient for me."

1. in my own words... imagine creation coming into its constant being by the continuous labor of God. All the plants and animals exist because of God's effort to create it. then reflect upon yourself.

2. "consider all blessings and gifts as descending from above. Thus, my limited power comes from the supreme power above, and so, too, justice, goodness, mercy..., all descend from above as the rays of light descend from the sun, and as the waters flow from their fountains"

imagine that!



  1. It's no wonder that doing something creative feels so satisfying. God is always at the center of it, giving it life and expression. I found some stained glass in Tallahassee that you might like.

  2. walk2write... so glad we have reconnected. I am curious as to what you saw in Tallahassee

  3. I'm wondering, Wayne-I like what you write here concerning these classes on Ignatius, but how do you see your being on the receiving end of all things that God brings unto us? I ask only from an enjoyment of knowing the other fellow's perspective, not to debate anything. I really like the way "walk2write" puts it in terms of God always being "at the center of it, giving it expression", finding that it is not just "in my head", in my own thinking, that something is enjoyed, but more a "sharing" of life with He who is life......

  4. Jim, off the top of my head...I guess it is the 4th dimension to some... time... it keeps unfolding and I hope to be in the midst of being aware of it being God's presence... sharing a constant moment.


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