Friday, April 23, 2010

my teaching blog comes back

Why it slipped away in August and why it failed to truly return in November is not for here or there, but I think I know why.

The NSTC in Philly is given some credit for bringing it back in April. I changed the blog's name by adding two words and since then I have posted about...

sizing up the microscopic and the end of an era

a bizarre spring

wikispaces in the classroom

our hero, David Attenborough

and my gratitude for an amazing assistant



  1. I've added the link to my favorites bar and will check by from time to time, enjoying the chance to see your pictures and the conversation. Thanks for sharing.....

  2. Thanks for the chance to visit you in your professional the pictures! I'm inspired to find out what lovely plants might be encouraged to grow in the mountain wilds on Sunshine Hill -- the sort of life I can just drop into the ground like a Johnny Appleseed, and nature will take care of the rest. (Is this a horticultural sin?) :)

  3. Jim.... I hope I keep it going, at least for a while

    Christin... yesterday I touched poison hemlock... now that is a horticultural sin. Luckily no rash and I did not make tea ;') Nature is going to rule no matter what we try to do, so go for the low maintenance if that is what you have the time and energy for

  4. Happy to hear about its revival, Wanye. It's a new avenue for me to learn about horticulture and kids, and such a valuable one. Garden on!

  5. Lynn... thanks for the encouragement


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