Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seven On Saturday... Rainbows

My 7 pointed starflower...

on sale here

why rainbows are rare...

The reason that rainbows are somewhat rare is that you will only see them when there is rain in front of you and somewhat in the distance, and the sun is behind you and fairly low on the horizon. from here
We saw more rainbows in three years in western Oregon than I may see in the rest of my life.

200 degree double rainbow found on flickr ...

200 Degree Double Rainbow

the way to the antisolar point ...

Sassy rainbow jazz...

The rainbow design I drew for Mosaic Woman back when we celebrated our 10th...

rainbows as hope...

The Bible tells us that the rainbow is a reminder from God that there will be no Godly attempts to destroy the planet. The other night at 2:30 am I was not very hopeful. I live in a flat town famous for our wet basements. And as I lied in bed listening to an amazing seemingly unending deluge I knew the water was flowing down below me. But I also knew there were those who lived close to flowing water who had much greater concerns.

Today we woke to not a rainbow but a crisp sunny October day. Maybe God sends those too.


  1. Well, now I know something about both the science and jazz of rainbows.

    I have usually seen them in Florida.

  2. that sun catcher is beautiful!

  3. Robin... I am hoping to bring all parts of me into these 7 on Saturdays. another reason to like Florida.

    and Miles to go... thanks, it is one of my most popular designs + color choices

  4. I, too, love the rainbow suncatcher, as well as what you created for the Rainbow Woman. This was a beautiful post!

  5. Snowcatcher--- thanks. I dig colors and my students know me well enough to rile me up by saying violet and purple are the same color.


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