Friday, October 8, 2010

Fridays in PA--- Ambler Theater

1928 theater

Mosaic Woman and I love movies, but our enthusiasm for going to them seems to ebb and flow. Right now we just aren't flowing to many, however, when we do there is a good chance we will make the short drive over to the Ambler Theater.

Word on the historical streets says that back in the day, Lansdale had an amazing one that seated 900 people but it was torn down back in the 70's. So we were excited when some folk restored the theater in Ambler, PA and started showing movies which typically fail to make it into larger multiplexes.

They also show classic movies and an event on Tuesday will be featuring Sunset Boulevard and Mosaic Woman has been inspired by this night of film and poetry to develop her Film Noir mosaics and she will be in the lobby before and after the movie selling her new collection.

I will likely be there enjoying a night of culture myself.

What's your favorite theater?


  1. When my husband Dan and I were newly married there was a theater in Long Beach called the Art Theater which showed classic and art films for a dollar. It was about a half a block from our apartment where we used to live. It eventually got remodeled and now it has a wine bar. It sounds very similar to the Ambler. Anyhow, it was a standard for us back in the mid seventies. I'm glad it's been lovingly rebuilt but it will never have quite the same charm.

  2. It is a goal of mine to see every movie the Ambler shows in the year... As the kids are getting older...I am getting closer to acheiving it.... I've seen more (but not all) movies this year than ever before.... I need to venture to see those movies that I think will NOT be good...judgemental me!

  3. that is such a beautiful shot - our oldest/grandest theater was torn down a few years ago - in its place we have a Krispy Kreme - so sad.

    my favorite movie theater is my living room cuddling up on a couch w/ at least one loved one next to me :)

  4. Valerie... this was a theater that was closed and neglected. There is a place we sometimes listen to music that is in need of a spruce up but may lead to the feelings you speak of

    Giggles... go for it!

    Deb... home is where we watch most of our movies too.


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