Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crafting on Thursday- North Penn Select Craft Show, where you know your Neighbors

47  158/365  what the glass asked to become
one of the 3 mosaics in the booth, which I made.

It is nice to know who your neighbors are, especially when they are friendly and talented.

Tomorrow for the third straight Friday, I will leave work and head to set up our booth without Mosaic Woman. It just has made sense for me to go by myself. I will get the walls set up and the lighting hooked up, then we give ourselves an hour and a half the next morning to get our craft hung.

Their are many cool things about the North Penn Show: a great crowd, great organizers, great volunteers many of whom are the students it benefits, the great location by Lansdale, and friendly neighbors.

There are several that have been in our neighborhood since we started the show.

To our left: Ed Youtz and his wood turnings
Directly across: Bill Yoder and his wooden pens and pencils
On his sides: Cynthia Underhill and her photographs
and Ray Briscoe and his whimsical carvings

This consistency does not happen elsewhere and while the show is never exactly the same (a few years ago someone else had our booth 98 location).

If you get lost, and find yourself close to the food, just stop by Paul Grecian's booth of amazing photos and ask him to direct you to our neck of the woods. I have asked him to get me oriented on more than one occasion.

Here is my eating out in Lansdale guide.

see you there.


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