Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for Iluak the Inuksuk

The Talisman dude has been blessing my life ever since a friend made it for Mosaic Woman ( I is for Iridized Glass.) and myself to bring us good luck on our journey from Oregon to Illinois in 1993. He has been with me ever since. When we moved into our own home, he made his way into my studio.

The other week, I did a favor for my friend, Snowcatcher, and she paid it back ten fold by offering up one of creations. As I gazed over the photos, a certain character caught my eye--->

Iluak is an Inuksuk. So I had to look it up because apparently my memory for the word given to Inuit stone figures had left my memory. I placed Iluak on top of the mirror which the Talisman dude hangs. Neither seemed to happy to be photographed there, so I plopped them down on top of the dresser and on to the pattern of our most recent collaboration:


  1. Interesting stories and associations to those handmade figures. Great idea!

  2. Would Iluak get offended if I called him cute?

  3. Those are wonderful! Nice to have friends who give you such beautiful charms.

  4. The Talisman is so interesting with the feather and strings; and Iluak has a great name.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  5. Marsha--- they are blessings to me

    Lynda--- Go for it!

    Barbara--- I have stumbled into some great folk in my life

    Golden Eagle--- Thanks for noticing the feather, it is why I chose that photo.

  6. What great stories of friendship! Your companions have such character.:^)

  7. Lynn--- thought you would like them. thanks for stopping by.

  8. Thank you so much for the head's up, and sorry for taking so long to stop by and see who the friend might be. What a wonderful story and partnership! And then the photo of the two together atop a partnership... that just seals the deal!

    I think Iluak has found the perfect home!

  9. Snowcatcher--- writing this post brought back good memories of Oregon and a desire to find a lost friend, the one who gave me Iluak's friend.


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