Monday, April 18, 2011

M is for a special Mandala

"I can hardly find the words to describe how it affects me to look at it. I can feel the healing energy and it touches me very deeply. Thank you for creating tangent pieces of healing for the world. Blessing on you and peace to Dr. Ed's soul." Anne Mascelli

Here is the secret to Mandalas: Draw a circle. Fill it with love and hope. Your work is done.

Or it may be the beginning of your work.

Often I draw mandalas for friends and send them off, but one day I sat down a drew a design to make out of stained glass.

The last time I saw my friend in public he walked slowly away from our booth carrying a bag with a mandala.

In his memory, I name the design after him.

His wife and two daughters leave our booth carrying a bag with two mandalas.

A woman I never met before leaves our booth with tears in her eyes and a mandala. She has handed me her story of cancer taking a loved one and gratitude for my work.

Friends of Ed hang mandalas in their homes.

My work place is dedicating a space to the man and a mandala will be there.

I love to say that I joined twitter to sell our craft, but instead I ran into jazz musicians. Recently a jazz singer, Andrea Wolper made it known to me that she was interested in buying some stained glass. I thought it was for herself, but when she chose a piece, I found out it was for a friend. Now what is the chance that her friend would happen to be a spiritual director, who has been to a place I blog about often. Anne Mascelli has kindly let me quote her recent e-mails.

"The more I look at the mandala the more it draws me in. I feel like it somehow expresses who I am at a very deep level. I think it is a testament to the connection Andrea and I have, from over 20 years of friendship, that she chose this mandala for me. I think I will be seeing more and more in it for a very long time." Anne Mascelli

The Jesuits ask me to imagine things, so how about this---- One day I am sitting at a table sharing spiritual journeys with Anne, when the lights dim, Andrea begins to sing, and Dr Ed's soul smiles upon us.

Like I said, "draw a circle..."


  1. Very beautiful. Your mandalas, your stories, the post. Creating them out of the heart.

    I was taken with mandalas after reading Jung. Now my brother, who is almost 70, is finding spiritual rejuvenation in a very difficult life situation, through creating mandalas on his computer. For him, too, they are gifts to those who are helping him in his journey.

  2. As a very lucky and thankful recipient of a mandala from the Stratoz/Nutmeg household :^) I love this posting.

    I have been very lucky to have thoughtful and generous people in my life to help with some of the hard things... good souls like you are what make this life bright. I only hope I can pass on some of your kindness and generosity.

  3. Perfect M. Love the discussion of Mandalas past and the description of what goes inside them. Just perfect. Can't help but smile after reading this.

  4. All-- I am going to write another M later for our e-newsletter. M is for Margaret and the Moon.

    Ruth--- Thank you for your kind words. I am aware of Jung and mandalas. I learned about them while on a spiritual retreat several years ago. I love drawing circles. Sending hope towards your brother.

    Lynn--- You are wonderful and you are a delight. What you may not know is that I just have to smile every time I say, "Una Odd"

    Snowcatcher--- Glad I could make you smile.

  5. I believe you have found your calling.....

  6. Giggles--- I have found many a calling and think the calls can stop already ;')

    Karen--- thanks for the visit. The blog may seem to lack focus but it does have one--- things that bring me Joy, Peace, and Hope. Have a great day.


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