Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 images--- Today in the Front Yard

I have spent more time in my garden so far this summer than I did all of last year, so let me show it off.

A GARDEN TOUR for my friend

these ferns are quite happy in the shade between our house and the neighbors house

The Dianthus did its pink explosion, so let me highlight how it is trying to climb down to the front sidewalk.

The white lavender is exploding.

these pincushions were one of the first perennials we planted, they keep coming back.

inbetween the dark dark iris and the white Bleeding Heart (both had wonderful spring blooms) is a bronze coleus just for Mosaic Woman who fell in love with them at Longwood Gardens.

The Dancing Ladies just barely came back this year, but they did come back.

we even have hanging baskets.

the rock garden has covered the rocks, but that's OK. They did a wonderful series of blooms this year.

this Hydrangea has been given lots of love since we moved in, including a move away from the house so the rain actually hits it now.

we have a few types of coneflowers which are just coming into their own

and that is the front yard.


  1. I picked up some bronze coleus yesterday - gorgeous.

  2. You must have an amazing yard! Most of what's growing in ours is weeds...

  3. Beautiful Wayne! The coleus is exquisite and your rock garden, superb!

  4. Robin and Valerie --- good to hear that others dig the bronze coleus

    Ken--- last year it was way neglected and I made a promise to it that I would care for it more in 2011.

  5. I'm jealous. Your yard looks so lovely! I'm in the same boat as kdoyle, even though we do have some flowers and veggies...

  6. Ah... such a feast for the eyes! Thank you for indulging me, Wayne. I loved the tour. :) You have so many great textures in your front yard.

    (And btw, Mosaic Woman has excellent taste in coleus, IMHO. 'Sedona' is one of my bronzed favorites!)

  7. I almost forgot to ask: Is that white lavender hardy for you? I have awesome luck with standard lavenders and lavandins, but I'm always afraid to try unusual ones... guess it goes back to my multi-year attempt to establish a variegated one in my yard!

  8. i haven't had time to work in the yard much at all this year - too much upheaval and all that grand stuff ---

    hopefully soon :)

    what is that fantabulous orange flower in the hanging basket btw?

  9. Snowcatcher--- yes wonderful garden, dusty untouched bike

    Blackswamp Gal--- the white lavender has thrived and survived a at leat 2 winters now, in fact it has taken over the lavender Lavender that is trying to grow behind it.

    Deb--- it is a funky begonia, which I can't find the tag for at this moment ;'(

  10. Your plants are beautiful! I wish it was a bit cooler here - I'd like to try some plants I remember from growing up in Michigan... but in Texas they wouldn't last long.

  11. Hol--- thanks for stopping by. Yes, one must resist gardening for a place where one does not live. Have a great day.


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