Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rochester Jazz Day 2: a duet, a trio, a quintet

Last supper mosaic with drums

well, first I stood inside a really big stump.

But eventually we made it downtown again. We started with UK jazz with the Episcopalians (the photo is from a past year when a backdrop did not cover the Tiffany Mosaic.) and with light fading through stained glass...

Stained glass in Christ Church Episcopal

... we listened to a duet: Fraser Fyfield and Graeme Stephen play tunes like this...

The Trio for the evening was Nordic: Ounaskari-Mikkonen-Jorgenson with the Lutherans.

and for the quintet, that was in the home of xerox, where Dave Young paid tribute to Oscar Peterson. Here he is playing bass with Oscar in 2007:

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