Monday, October 10, 2011

My desire is my hope

all the fruits of the spirit

what I desire:

To remember what I wrote in silence:  the gifts of the spirit are present in my life.

I want the gifts to flow into my art.

When eyes come across my art, I want brains to be lit on electrical fires of joy. 

And I want to be grateful for having the hope to think this is possible.


  1. I'd say, it's flowing... Thank you for my share :-)

  2. Great post, i loved it, keep writing! :)

    Tiago Couto

  3. A good reminder...thanks for sharing it.

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  5. Thanks everyone! one of things that is truly lifting my spirits these days is the number of commissions where we are told to do art freely by clients who trust we will create something beautiful

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    1. Hello 111 , thanks for stopping by my blog


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