Sunday, February 10, 2013

7 best things and worst things about being an artist

Stratoz with his largest Mandala
Mosaic Woman and I had a conversation and as she made dinner, I contemplated things.  Into my head came a thought, enough already... stop thinking you can be both a teacher and an artist.  Step away.  Fill your life with neglected gardens, hiking paths, movie theaters, and books.

It looked enticing.

Since then we have had more talks including one after dinner over pie at our favorite diner.

Since then I have spent a lot of time in my studio:  so in my opinion this is why I give away so much to be an artist:
  1. Moments in the studio when I see how I am slowly mastering the skills needed to work with glass.
  2. Bringing smiles to some people who I love dearly and some who I may never meet. 
  3. Spending time with colors.
  4. Bringing my interests into my art.
  5. Being humbled by those who trust me with commissions.
  6. Opportunites to be better at accepting praise.
  7. Meeting and becoming friends with artists.
now the bad stuff ~
  1. pricing and then being told we charge too much and being told we charge too little
  2. having to accept praise and criticism with grace
  3. deciding which of the many things I desire to make, to create
  4. reproducing a completed piece in the same colors
  5. giving over much of your life to the making and selling of art
  6. selling much loved pieces.  Selling anything (there have been some longs days at shows)
  7. capturing the spirit of glass with a camera


  1. i suspect that you are an excellent teacher...i consider that an art.

    this post has me wondering if you do any of your art working while at a show?

    i have gotten nothing done this week. this bug is running it's course through our family. Though, Sydney has been spared, so far.

    nothing like having to spend the day in bed to get a little perspective on things.

    1. Nance ~ hope you are feeling better. I am excellent at some aspects of teaching, and will leave it at that ;')

  2. Coincidently, as I was driving home last night, a thought about a piece of art came to me. It was called "Forgiveness" but I can't remember what it looked like! Your "Forgiveness" is quite beautiful.

    I know; art takes a lot of time, doesn't it? Day job takes even more! Just finished report card this weekend and I'm contemplating starting a painting. So far my lottery retirement plan isn't working out too well. Might help if I could remember to actually buy a ticket.

    1. Daisy ~ I have always tried to make sure I had a life away from teaching. At the end of the marking period ... Toughest time to do it. Maybe God wants you to spend some time with the word, forgiveness

  3. The business side of art can be challenging. It would be nice to return to the days of patrons so you could focus on the art itself :)

    1. Ken ~ we have spoken about the need for a patron... But the phrase about not digging what you asked for comes to mind

  4. I dare say that you choose the most important thing in what ever you decide to do.

  5. I think your Number 7 on the same list is much better than you think. You are wonderful at capturing the magic of glass with a camera. Number 3 on the first list... Best ever. That, and tension reduction...

    1. Snowcatcher ~ praise be to God for digital cameras... I just take lots and weed it down. So glad I wasn't doing this when film was around. It would have been so costly. And thanks for saying I do a good job. I think I have gotten better.

  6. I believe you could never stay away from creating art. I also believe you cannot stay away from teaching. They are both who you are. The particulars of how you give — and replenish — your daily energies will probably vacillate.

    1. Ruth ~ teaching is one thing, being a teacher is quite another. It may have been a long day.


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