Monday, November 28, 2011

Shopping Local for a Scientist at Rocket Hub

Flying Fox in tree on footpath
photo by Sheba Also

Yes, Saturday has come and pass, but I hope all of you are still shopping locally.  I just did a bit myself by visiting a website that provides scientists a new way of obtaining funds,  from the public.  Mosaic woman and I figured if we can support jazz artists at Kickstarter (more on that tomorrow), we can support a scientist.  Well, as local as I could find was Susan Tsang in New York.  She digs bats in peril and her passion has led to a research project:  Watch the video below and feel free to  Support her here

#SciFund Challenge - Flying foxes: where are they from and where are they going? from Susan Tsang on Vimeo.


  1. That is very cool and the photo of the bat, quite charming.

  2. This is marvelously cool...both the work and the website ;)

  3. Knowing the two of you really makes my life richer. Thanks for spreading this particular word.

  4. Valerie, Michelle, and Di--- I have to give credit where credit is do... I found out about this website on Google+ . I hope she makes her goal and studies the bats.


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