Saturday, November 26, 2011

Support Local: Centennial Blueprint and my mandalas


I grew up with blueprints.  You see my dad work was one of a draftsmen...


and so many of the tools I use in my studio are those very tools which he used in his work.  The clear plastic angles that give you immediate right angles as well as the often used 30, 60, 90, and 120 degrees.  The tape which peels off so nicely.  The erasure that really work. The templates that have tiny circles. 

So I feel right at home with a local business with Blueprint as their last name.  And what Snowcatcher does not know about her lizard stepping stone is how important Centennial was to its existence.

It starts with my need for a big circle, and for that I needed the Staedtler kit I had bought at Centennial years ago ...

... but then I had a large design that could not be copied at home, so off I went to Centennial and got the copies I needed. 

so this afternoon I celebrated what these tools have led to in a video, it starts showing me in action drawing a card, then flashes to the design colored in, and then moves on to past designs with circles.  All the way Thelonius Monk plays Round Midnight... check it out here

also:  out Joy postcard and amazing new business card were created at Centennial!  


  1. I really enjoyed watching you work. And your artwork is so... inspiring, mood-lifting, radiant, awesome... Many snowflakes start with a circle, too.

  2. Great pic of your father. So interesting how things pass from one generation to the next.

  3. Snowcatcher some amazing adjectives, I am humbled

    and Barbara --- yes, drafting tools, quilts, strudel... I am what I was


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