Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordlessly viewing the Water Gallery in Lansdale

John Hurd Jones
Glass by John Hurd Jones.

Ilene Pearlman Knight Fever
Knight Fever by Ilene Pearlman.

Visionary Fusion Vessel
Visionary Fusion Vessel by Aaron Wiener.

Thick as Thieves
Thick as Thieves Jewelry

Young Kang Acorn
Ceramic by Young Kang

Nicole Dubrow Mugs
Pottery by Nicole Dubrow

Bette Conway
Bette Conway Jewelry

Rainbow Starflowe by Nutmeg Designs
Rainbow Starflower Mandala by Nutmeg Designs.

In Blooming Thunder Carol Shearon Quilt
In Blooming Thunder by Carol Shearon.


  1. Replies
    1. Valerie, thanks. Glad you enjoyed the tour

  2. Looks like a fun gallery! Love the fused glass and the mosaic.

    1. Glad you dig the mosaic, sine it is one of our pieces. And the fused glass piece is one of my favorite things in the gallery

  3. Spectacular! I think the first piece is my favorite because it's just so unusual. But I love NutMeg's Starflower, and the quilt, of course, is awesome!

  4. WoW...i would love to loose myself here. so many beautiful pieces!!

  5. Debbie ~ all of us artists are hoping for many a lost lover of beauty ;')


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