Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crafting On Thursday--- The Discerning Glass Speaketh

I came across this glass while in the process of searching for blue glass to use in my first Peace Mandala:

47  148/365  Peace Be with You
Peace Mandala in stained glass by Wayne Stratz

The glass is sitting on my lightbox in the midst of my darkened studio. For the most part it is glass that is not at all receptive to the passage of light. But it is glass that does not need the passage of light to catch one's eye. So I piled it up and moved on with the Peace mandala. Then I cut out and ground 42 pieces and played with them:

With more background space than I wanted, I consulted with Mosaic Woman and chose a light green glass to make a final trip around the expanding doodle of glass, which led to this:

Doodling with glass mosaic mandala by Wayne Stratz

I do believe it is a good thing that I am beginning to hear the glass.


  1. You are not just hearing the glass; you are feeling it and interpreting it. Magnificent! Of course, the Mosaic Woman's touch definitely helped!!! :)

  2. Hello, Stratoz. Thank you so much for coming on board with Rilke! It is an exciting project, to go inside with his words, and reflect together with others. I look forward to your presence there. . . .

    . . . for yours here is very beautiful. This stained glass is simply gorgeous. And your interest in spirit, jazz (new love for me), gardening are mine as well. (Well my husband is more the gardener. I cook.)

    At the risk of seeming self brandishing, I recently posted about Marc Chagall's breathtaking and spiritual (I feel) windows at the Art Institute in Chicago, where we visited last week. I didn't want to leave them. It kindled an interest in the art, not that I want to do it myself (but who knows), but I have a new appreciation for it as an art form. And here you are! The post about it is at my other blog, here.

  3. SO very pretty! I love the multi-shades in the glass pieces too!

  4. Snowcatcher--- Mosaic Woman gave me that round piece for the very center

    Ruth--- Marc Chagall is amazing and your photos are marvelous. Sounds like we were meant to meet.

    Lisa--- Thanks for the visit. Glass is good ;')


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