Thursday, June 28, 2012

Find it in the other direction

Arrived at the Lutheran church to hear
the music was beginning.
Sax, trombone, drums, bass

We climbed to the balcony
row of chairs lined up in the back,

Margaret tapped me.

Her hand directed my eyes
inches from my head.

respecting the band's desire
to not be photographed,
I peered down the wall of glass.

What will awe your senses if you turn your head? What is your partner missing?


  1. a snapshot of a moment. you got it.

  2. Sometimes, when I'm riding along and staring in one direction, I realize it is only one perspective. Perhaps, I've missed something. But, maybe, I was looking in the direction that was meant for me. Your head can turn only one way at a time.

    Play off the Page

    1. Mary, I think of times that I stop while walking in the woods and stay put and see what I would have missed if I had kept walking. But I guess the key thing here is the joy of having someone point out what has brought them awe.

  3. I have been spending a lot of time driving eastward, it's almost time to turn around and drive westward.


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