Friday, June 22, 2012

Shards of possibilities

This afternoon, I put on some solo piano and reached into this bucket of shards. When a piece spoke to me, I spoke back with the glass grinder. Again and again I reached in... Not even stopping to get a bandage till I felt enough pieces had come into being.

Then I washed off the glass and bandaged my thumb.

One by one I took the shapes and wrapped them in copper foil. The jazz played on as a design came into being.

This is doodling with glass

This is finding use of scraps

This is shards of possibilities

Tomorrow .... It will be held up to the light


  1. This is what I think is amazing about human creativity - imagining something beautiful into being from shards.

    1. Robin, I will be soldering it later today. First I want to go enjoy the cooler air that has come to Pennsylvania. I do believe there is a spiritual analogy here... God searching for us. Peace and Hope

  2. Ah, this is great... I could feel the creative flow coming through your words. Made me smile--that's a great groove to be in. :-)

    1. BG ~~~ it did flow. Did you see the finished piece which I featured in a post today. I want to do more of theses, but then again I want to make more of lots of things. And let me say my garden is presentable, so stop by PA sometime soon.


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