Sunday, August 19, 2012

Packing For Silence Revisited

Wernerville Cross
by Wayne Stratz
Hangs at the Jesuit Center
As I mentioned in my last blog post, a blog post mentioning a mug brought me into the world of the RevGals

I just read that post to see if the items remain the same. It has for the most part. The pool stick is not huge these days as I trust to find a functional one at the Jesuit Center. Port has been replaced at times with ales and there was the one retreat I took a bottle of Absinthe.

At home when faced with the desire to cut glass I rarely drink. By the end of a silent day... a beverage while chatting with God through an examen makes sense.

My habit of drawing cards for others at the retreat center and of drawing future glass designs means once again I will be packing up a bit of my studio.

You never know how it will go, but I still have Michelle's post about playing with the psalms in my head. Random psalm prayers may be the way to go. But the object is not to force an agenda on the retreat.  No different than forcing a lesson plan onto my students,  It will unfold and all I ask is to unfold with it.


  1. fold it
    pack it
    let it unfold
    when you get there

  2. Enjoy!! I'll pray that the playing/praying are full of grace....

    1. Michelle ~ writing that sermon was a fine warm up

  3. Have a WONDERFUL time of silence!

  4. Have a wonderful silence time :) Silence can be such a great thing, so can a drink!

    1. Carol ~ the silence and the beverages went well together.


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