Sunday, August 5, 2012

My first 3D commission... or what happens when you choose the colors and let me create for you

I stopped by to see a friend and told him I had completed my first 3D suncatchers.  He said, "How about 4D?"

Since I knew some physicists thought time was the fourth dimension, I said, "Already done." and showed him this.  He was interested.

But when I showed it to him in person, he imagined something new, something yet be be created.

"Blue, Pink, Gray," he said to me.

So with with 7 pieces of gray, 7 of blue, and 7 of pink.  I got set to creating...

Then photos on flickr and instagram flowed into my life and I saw what I was creating.  Remember that amazing sunset when a partially cloudy sky turned pink, with patches of blue sky, and portions of clouds that remained gray?  Yes, my friend without knowing it had commissioned a sunset.


  1. hanging sculpture

  2. Nance... yes, maybe one day I will be asked to create a piece that with dwarf this, but for now I am having fun with small pieces

  3. I love looking at the different textures through the evening light in this last photo.

    1. Valerie ~ Thanks, one photo rarely tells the whole story


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