Saturday, March 2, 2013

an apparently wise decision ~ choosing to attend the World Day of Prayer

art by Anne-Lise Hammann
For weeks I wondered, do I want to do my usual thing ~ linger after work then head off to Owen J Roberts High School to set up for a craft show and miss the annual World Day of Prayer Service.

Or ~ go to the service and wake up early on Saturday morning.

I went with the new path and it was wise.  Friday I let two students crawl under my skin and push buttons so hard that I let them annoy me.  Both ended with a plan to help things go better the next time around, but I was tired as I drove home towards worship.  So sitting in church and watching women from my local community do what women all around the world were doing, helped to soothe me.  As did seeing a fine friend for the first time since a great sadness came upon her.  As did drinking a glass of wine, with some friends at the reception.

and as I sit here 24 or so hours later, I feel blessed to have chosen to rise early this morning.  And hoping I can find a video of the tune that brought forth that community of women last night. (for info on the artist of the poster)


  1. I appreciate your art and kind words, good luck in your journey!


    Jonna Page

  2. I love that you took a stressful time and turned it into something you can cling to and remember fondly (and spiritually). I love when I'm able to turn my attitude around like that!


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