Saturday, March 23, 2013

Celebrating Colorful Letters: a garden sign commission emerges

Margaret and I must be doing something right because house number and word signs commissions have been steady business for Nutmeg Designs. Today I cut out what will be our 8th house number of the year. I don't tend to complain, but hey, I am the dude who love to create things like this:

... And nearly every commission features white or off-white or black or dull pink glass for the lettering/numbering. Then Margaret gets to play with colors in the background. Well a while back we made a welcome sign with some splendid orange glass. A new client dug it. I redesigned GARDEN, and then with a pile of scraps I went to work. Placing the pattern pieces down here and there to capture all that glass had to give.


  1. Lookin mighty fine, Wayne! Wish we could watch you guys work but I guess that might be giving away trade secrets...

  2. you are very good at class cutting...

    1. Nance ~ back in the day I may have missed a class or two


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