Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My 1000th blog post: seeing the world through new glasses while hanging out with rosemary

sporting a new pair of glasses and one glove (?)
 and a most amazing rosemary bush

1000 posts on Stratoz, an enterprise started in 2007. I think a few were deleted, but most remain to help me reach a thousand ramblings shared on ~> God and Jazz. Glass and Science. Teaching and Gardening. Lansdale and Mosaic Woman. Food and Art. Probably some need some fixing up, but I am OK with an imperfect blog.

My posts are shorter these days but I think I still have the same focus. Celebrate the things I dig. Maybe it is a bit too diverse to get a rabid following from the masses, but I do have a fan base and for that I am grateful.  

I got new glasses on Saturday, much to the amusement of a friend at church. And considering the long week she had, I have no problem with bringing some joyful entertainment into her life.

This post does not show the 30 perennials I planted in the last few weeks, but it does show some Hostas that came with the house and may not be here when the next owner moves in. 

Violet and Green
Stratoz decided he needed some color


  1. a thousand congrats. i like the glasses.

  2. That truly is an amazing rosemary! I have to dig mine up tonight; I didn't know they can't survive our winters. So they get to stay inside with me for the cold spell, which starts tomorrow...

    Congrats on hitting 1,000! Here's to 1,000 more!

  3. Liking the new glasses! It's funny that I found an old pic of myself while cleaning out some stuff recently. In the pic, I was about 20. I have the same darn glasses now that I did then. Well, not the same glasses, but you know what I mean...the same style. I have to shake it up the next time I get a new pair. Love the rosemary. It's my favorite herb but doesn't weather over up in these parts.

  4. Congrats on post 1000....and I DIG the glasses :)

  5. I love the new glasses - and I wish I did half as well with rosemary. But the real "Wow" of this post is your milestone! I just checked, and I started blogging a year before you...but don't even have half as many posts. That's amazing. Congrats! :-)

  6. I like the glasses.

    Congratulations on reaching 1000 blog posts!

  7. Your rosemary reminds me of the rosemary hedge around the reflecting pool at Hadrian's Villa... I saw it with a tour group -- after the first stunned silence every single woman in the group stepped forward and plucked a sprig and tasted it -- because we couldn't believe our eyes. Wonderful.


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