Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Doodling to jazz, an A To Z Challenge: A ~> Dorothy Ashby: My Favorite Things

Doodle by Wayne Stratz
The goal is to listen to jazz and create a card a day in the month of April. This card emerged while listening to the jazz harpist, Dorothy Ashby.


  1. A very unique theme. And one that should be fairly easy, as long as you have enough artists or "XYZ" songs to listen to.

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  2. Lovely! I found you from the Challenge and look forward to visiting you again.

    1. Karen ~> I was late to the challenge, but like the idea of creating cards for friends and listening to jazz.

  3. Great music, and I love the card doodle. It looks like it was fun to make.

  4. I can imagine this idea expanding into a quilt...


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