Saturday, July 12, 2014

So what do you do during the day? Days in the life of jazz fans in Rochester

Margaret Almon and myself at the Metropolitan Art Gallery
Margaret Almon and myself at the Metropolitan Art Gallery

Our favorite vacation spot seems to be Rochester NY in June when the XRIJF is happening. This year I made it to seven straight nights of jazz but before I do some celebrating of the jazz blogging, ...

We generally refuse to spend time standing in long lines, but we do stand waiting to get into jazz venues. From time to time we even break out of our introverted selves and talk to the people next to us. I think we are hoping to find another out of towner. It hasn't happen. We have met locals who take the week off so they can stay out late every night listening to jazz. But no others who are on vacation.

"So what do you do during the day?" The locals ask us.

Generally we ~> lounge at our friends house, find an interesting lunch, visit stained glass stores and yarn shops for souvenirs, and go to museums. Margaret has already blogged a bit about this reflective statue on her blog when she celebrated her July Fifth, yes Fifth, Independence Day, so if interested, check it out.


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