Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Labor of Love: an international octet of quilters

Tulips by Yemina Lavan of Modlin, Israel

Day three of my Labor Day celebration of quilters in honor of my grandmother continues. Enjoy the trip around the world.

It Started As A Doodle by Roz Rossiter of the UK
Shattered Face Quilt by Kathryn Harmer Fox of South Africa
Taras Garden by Valerie Giles of Australia
Ferns within the Grids by Margie Davidson of Canada
Chinese Coins by Petra Niermann of Germany
Lucky 4-Leaf by Anne Jolly of New Zealand
A Stormy Night At Sea by Maria Nunez of USA



  1. I'm so glad I kept looking; I wouldn't have wanted to miss this! Again, a spectacular assortment of such creative stitching!


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