Monday, August 3, 2015

10 Groundhog Thoughts: Pondering in the Garden of Nutmeg Designs

Margaret Almon's mosaic bowling ball with sunshine streaming across the top and Black-Eyed Susans in the background. Photo by Wayne Stratz

Ten thoughts on Ground Hogs:
  1. There is a groundhog, that has not shown itself to me, but Mosaic Woman has seen it dash about a few times. It seems to like being under our porch.
  2. Groundhogs dig spending time in crawl spaces under porches; this I know.
  3. Typically a groundhog gives birth to six young. That is plenty if you ask me.
  4. Groundhogs enjoy eating plants; this is why I don't dig them very much.
  5. A few times this growing season, I have filled in/blocked the entry way the groundhog has created to dash under our porch.
  6. Groundhogs weigh in around 13 pounds. That is an excessive amount of plant matter being transformed into a critter. But a moose in my garden would be so much more critter.
  7. As far as I can tell, our groundhog has caused no damage to our garden. This baffles me. Living harmoniously with a groundhog has me pondering my life as a gardener.
  8. I do believe that a groundhog watching me pull weeds and deadhead flowers from under my porch would be baffled... "What is that two legged critter doing on all fours and why is he not eating anything?"
  9. If the groundhog looked up as it it dashed into our yard, then it might have the view I had when I took the above photo.
  10. Groundhogs are true hibernators as their body temperature plummets to the temperature of the air in the burrow. I respect animals that snooze instead of driving to work on icy roads.

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  1. That's more than I ever thought I would know about groundhogs. As far as #7 is concerned, maybe your groundhog prefers mass produced, insecticide laden veggies like most Americans.


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