Sunday, August 16, 2015

something beautiful from Lyme CT -- Barbara McKie's quilt "Pelican's Partner"

Barbara McKie Lyme CT  "Pelican's Partner"  Photo by Wayne Stratz

A friend at work was hospitalized this recently because of the dreaded tick bite infecting hime with Lyme Disease. He was out of the hospital and fighting the disease with meds. News of the disease brings back my memories of being sickened by a tick; fortunatelyI did not need hospitalization.

I wonder how tired the people of Lyme CT are of the disease named for where it was first recognized. Maybe they would like to be known for their artists instead.

It turns out she has a two studio home like we do at Nutmeg Designs. Click here to see more of her art and discover what her husband is up to in Lyme.

and so, what is that you would like to be known for? How about your town?

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